GA International has over 20 years of experience in labels and labeling solutions. Considered an essential business, we remain fully operational and continue to support pharmaceutical and healthcare facilities in their fight against the coronavirus by offering COVID-19 labels for laboratories and hospitals.

  • COVID-19 PCR and diagnostic testing kits
  • Cryogenic freezing, biobanking and tracking of patient samples
  • COVID-19 histological tissue processing
  • Coronavirus research, clinical trials and vaccine development
  • Lab equipment and medical device sterilization
COVID-19 Labels


  • Labels for sample collection and diagnostic kits
  • Custom printing of serialized and/or barcoded labels
  • In-house printing and label application in industrial quantities
  • On-time delivery of packaged and labeled testing kits

COVID-19 Labels for clinical trials

  • Variable data printing 
  • Multi-part labels
  • 100% accuracy of printed data
  • Full-color logos & graphics

Rapid Response Testing

In addition to providing labels for COVID-19 test kits, we also offer various coronavirus labels to assist with sample collection as well as with testing. We have sample identification labels to help ensure collected samples are safely and accurately labeled, in addition to warning sings, and floor and area marking tape to help secure the area.

For COVID-19 sample processing we offer an assortment of coronavirus labels that are designed to facilitate the testing process. This includes PCR tube, strip, and plate labels and tags that are thermocycler-safe allowing samples to be securely labeled throughout the reaction. We also provide an assortment of microplate labels, including automation labels that will allow for a greater number of plates to be handled with higher accuracy, precision, and consistency. Our COVID-19 laboratory labels designed to be compatible with automated print-and-apply systems are perfect for handling the increased volume of samples that are currently being generated. We also offer a range of COVID-19 research solutions for use throughout the laboratory.


We are committed to providing reliable products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements, through our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.

Our ISO 22301:2012 business continuity management system allows us to prepare for and reduce the likelihood of unexpected disruptions so that we may continue to serve our clients.