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Formable Backing Substrates
Formable Backing Substrates

Cindus is also the exclusive manufacturer of X-Crepe, the only true “all directional” stretch paper in the world. X-Crepe is an excellent alternative for lead cable insulation, and is the best backing substrate for all forming operations and applications.

Used in form/fill/seal applications for desiccant bags, cable wrap & furniture upholstery, formable backing substrates are used in a variety of industries including automotive and construction.

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  • .010”, .015", .020”, thickness available in natural, white
  • Flood coat coloring, heat seal, ldpe coated or plain
  • Saturations of flame retardant and latex available
  • Low-cost alternative to nonwoven substrates
  • Low-cost alternative to industrial cloth
  • Low-cost saturation substrate for post forming decorative laminations


Folding Doors
Folding Doors

Special fire retardant X-Crepe forms the interior hinging of many vinyl coated accordion folding doors. In this application, X-Crepe contributes:

Sound Absorption: X-Crepe has a high degree of sound absorption yet produces little or no noise when flexed.

Flexibility: X-Crepe contributes almost unlimited flex in the hinge area without cracking.

Saturation:X-Crepe is readily impregnated with fire retardant chemicals.

Versatility: X-Crepe accepts water borne glues for adhesion to interior paperboard slats and can be heat-sealed to steel slats with poly films.


Spiral Tubes / Cable Wrap
Spiral Tubes / Cable Wrap

X-Crepe is preferred in covering cable leads for oil-filled transformers because it offers the following properties:

Saturation: X-Crepe is compatible with the special oils used to fill these transformers.

Adhesion: X-Crepe readily accepts the edge glues used in the manufacture of spiral tubes.

Temperature: X-Crepe withstands the wide temperature range generated in oil filled transformers and can be thermally upgraded.

Flexibility: X-Crepe moves without rupturing during the cable lead's expansion and contraction allowing radius bending.


Roll Edging
Roll Edging

The introduction of X-Crepe, with it's cloth-like qualities into the furniture trade, replaces costly and dated burlap roll edging. X-Crepe properties applied to roll edging and related usages are:

Flexibility: X-Crepe can be bent without rupturing into sharp neat corners used on square chairs. It can also be crimped smoothly for curved chairs.

Quick-Stitch: X-Crepe allows fast and easy stitching with the use of high-speed machines. Production is up: time and money are saved.

Durability: X-Crepe's "toughness" allows installers to use hog-rings. This reduces labor cost by eliminating a substantial amount of hand sewing.


X-Crepe A paper for countless industrial uses.
X-Crepe A paper for countless industrial uses.
  Caliper Basis Wt.
sq ft
Stretch, % Elmendorf Tear Strength, gm Porosity (Gurley), sec/100cc

D 645
D 646
D 202 T494 D 202

D1922 ASTM

D 202 T460
Grade 403030 .010 70 10 10 25 25 200 200 1
Grade 603030 .015 100 15 15 25 25 400 400 2
Grade 783030 .020 130 20 20 25 25 600 600 3
Grade 993030 .025 170 25 25 25 25 800 800 4


Backing Materials / Headliners
Backing Materials / Headliners

X-Crepe excels in molding applications where extreme draws and sets are required. X-Crepe can be manufactured to release 40% elongation In all directions.

Mold Release & Protection: X-Crepe texture allows for easy release in hot and cold set applications. It can be offered as plain or extrusion coated to prevent glue "strike through" protecting the mold and improving process time.

Formability: X-Crepe exhibits extreme molding potential for all complex designs for cold and hot set applications.

Structural Integrity: X-Crepe offers greater reinforcement in the finished piece up to 3X compared to the competing non-woven alternatives allowing reductions in other components.

Sound Absorbency: X-Crepe continues to absorb higher frequency sound compared to the non-woven alternatives.


Backing Materials / Headliners
Backing Materials / Headliners

X-Crepe is used more and more in place of cloth buffs used in the finishing of stainless steel knives, forks and spoons. X-Crepe propertiesapplicable to this usage are:

Flexibility: X-Crepe can be molded and crimped to fit intothe center steel ring holder.

Saturation: X-Crepe readily accepts buffing compound.

Tear Resistant: X-Crepe's durability ensures a long, lasting buff.

Creped on Bias: X-Crepe has a natural bias, cloth must be cutand re-sewn.