Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, New York City was devastated by the coronavirus’s first wave. Hospitalizations reached record highs, and the need for COVID-19 response supplies made international news.


In April 2020, PrintParts, a New York City-based additive manufacturing service, began collaborating with the New York City Economic Corporation (NYCEDC) to create a local supply chain supporting NYC’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Over the next six months, PrintParts produced: 1.5 million 3D-printed nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs


PrintParts was no stranger to government contracts, having done work for customers that include the U.S. Department of Defense, the U.S. Navy, and various industrial defense contractors. The difference this time was the speed at which orders needed to be fulfilled, along with the added stress of finding a supply chain partner with resources to meet the demand.


LabTAG, a division of GA International, helped PrintParts develop specialized identification solutions for their 3D NP swabs in order to comply with sterilization and FDA regulations. PrintParts chose LabTAG because of its products, reputation, knowledge, and dedication to supporting the response to the pandemic.

“LabTAG was not just a vendor for us; they were a critical partner during one of the most trying times
for not only New York City, but the entire world.”

Robert Haleluk, CEO PrintParts Inc.


The stakes were high when Robert Haleluk, CEO of PrintParts, reached out to LabTAG. COVID-19 was placing immense pressure on the country, and the government of New York City expected the team at PrintParts to produce the swabs needed to begin supplying the COVID-19 test kits to New Yorkers.


The completion of the order hinged on the ability to secure a specialized thermal printed label that would withstand autoclave sterilization and ensure total traceability.

“At that time, due to global supply chain disruptions, there were no other autoclavable labels that we could find in North America. LabTAG’s ability to manufacture their labels in-house, at the quantity we needed, and keep up with the production pace, allowed us to fulfill our NYC contract and help our city in its time of need,”

Robert Haleluk, CEO PrintParts Inc.

The Solution

LabTAG accepted the call to action and met the challenge head-on. The innovators of specialized identification solutions developed the exact labels Robert needed to produce over 1.5 million NP Swabs and fulfill the NYC contract. LabTAG expedited the first shipment, and it arrived at PrintParts within 48 hours. The team at PrintParts was impressed with the quality of the labels, the customer service, and the fast turnaround time that LabTAG provided. PrintParts, worked with the team at LabTAG to further customize a solution that could maximize their productivity.

LabTAG modified the format of their stock labels to align perfectly with the production speed of PrintParts. The product and development team at LabTAG immediately produced the requested custom labels and expedited shipment to New York to meet the timeline of PrintParts.

“LabTAG was able to create a custom autoclavable label and size for us, which allowed our team to minimize roll changeovers. We needed to print as many labels as possible to keep up with the incredible amount of swabs we were packaging each day; we couldn’t have done that without LabTAG.”

Robert Haleluk, CEO PrintParts Inc.

The Outcome

Fast turnaround times and a custom labeling solution helped PrintParts reach maximum output. PrintParts successfully fulfilled the vital government contract on time. LabTAG’s exceptional service and innovation made the difference. The strong relationship between PrintParts and LabTAG continues to flourish, with new projects and high-performance labels supporting the fantastic work of Robert Haleluk and his talented team.

"Let our team show you what labeling success looks like."

Domenic Di Paola, M.Sc. Sales Manager